PM PRANAM Scheme 2023: New Yojana of Union Government to reduce the Subsidy Burden on Chemical Fertilizers


Recently, the Government of India announced a new scheme for the welfare of the country’s farmers. In this Scheme, millions of Indian farmers are getting benefits and on-time fertilizers for a better crop return. Here’s all about PM PRANAM Scheme 2022 Yojana.

Due to high demand and low supply of chemicals during the Kharif season (June to October), the farmers must bear many losses. So, this time the Government introduced this new Yojana to bring down the subsidy burden on chemical fertilizers.

The new Yojana by the Government of India stands for Promotion of Alternate Nutrients for Agriculture Management (PRANAM). Like other Yojana by the country’s Government, this Yojana also favors the citizen and the whole country. We expect the farmers and agriculture workers to be the beneficiary of this plan.

PM PRANAM Scheme 2022

The Union government carried out these steps in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers. In this Scheme, the union government had not allowed a separate budget. The Government will finance the budget in this Yojana from the previous savings and subsidies under the Department of Chemicals and Fertilizers.

Additionally, 50% subsidy savings will be passed as a grant. Similarly, 70% of the grant provided under this Scheme will be used in fertilizer development and technological adoption. This 70% of the grant is given for the technological adoption of alternate fertilizers and to make the fertilizer production units at village and district levels of India.

Besides, the remaining 30% of the grant money can be distributed to the farmers, panchayats, and self-help groups for demoting the reduction of fertilizers.

PM PRANAM Scheme/Yojana Highlights 

Scheme NamePromotion of Alternate Nutrients for Agriculture Management (PRANAM)
Launched byUnion Government
Launch dateSoon
BeneficiaryEvery citizen of the country, Farmers, and Self Help Groups.
PurposeBring Down Subsidy Burden on Chemical Fertilizers
BenefitsTo meet the excessive demand for fertilizer

Objectives of PM PRANAM Scheme 2022

This Scheme is initiated by the Union Ministry of Chemical and Fertilizers of India. As it’s aimed at reducing the excessive demand for chemical fertilizers, many farmers and self-help groups will be beneficiaries. Like another scheme of Government, this Scheme doesn’t carry any particular separate budget. 

Here the Government aims to meet the complete budget requirement from the Department of fertilizers and the remaining 50% as a grant from the different bodies. The objectives of this Scheme are,

  • Reducing the use of Chemical fertilizers
  • To meet the demand for fertilizers in Kharif Season.

PM PRANAM Scheme Implementaion

The Government finances no separate budget for this project. This project is financed by the Ministry of Fertilizers and the remaining 50% from the grants. 

70% of the grant used to be distributed to the district level and village for the development and improvement of technology.

The rest 30% of the grants are distributed to the Farmer, Panchayat, and Farmer production, including the self-help group. This is the promotional grant for reducing the chemical fertilizers in production.

PM PRANAM Yojana Features

  • PM PRANAM Yojana is beneficial for the farmer of the country as central. Besides, the Government of India will also get benefited from this project.
  • The Union government had not split the separate budget for this project.
  • To reduce the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and meet the requirements in Kharif season, the Government launched this Scheme.
  • The Government allocated Rs 1.05 Lakh crore for subsidies in 2022-23 for this project. Regarding this, an exception is Rs 2.25 Lakh crore by the upcoming year. 
  • The total requirement for 4 main fertilizers has increased by 21% in 2021/22.

Why PM PRANAM Scheme

  • The primary objective of this Scheme is to reduce the higher growth of chemical fertilizers. This project aims to reduce the subsidy of chemical fertilizers. Because of the increase in demand every year, the Government has launched this program that benefits both the Farmer and Government.
  • Excessive use of chemical fertilizers pollutes water sources and others. So, reducing the effect on aquatic PM PRANAM Yojana will be beneficial.
  • Chemical fertilizers change the fertility of the soil and degrade its quality. This Yojana aims to preserve the organic matter of the soil.
  • The greenhouse effect is uncontrollable, but we can reduce it. The new Yojana of the Union government can further enhance controlling global warming. 

Fertilizer Subsidy in India

In 2020/21, the subsidy on fertilizer has been increased by 1.27 lakh crore. This is beyond the estimated budget of the Government. In 2021/22, the Union government has an estimated Rs 79,530 core budget which exceeds Rs 1.40 Lakh crore. 

Similarly, the union Budget of Rs 1.05 Lakh may fail to meet the requirements. The rough figures for 2022/23 of Rs 1.05 Lakh crore are allocated.

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