How to Write a Leave Request Email with an example

Leave Request Email with an example: At some point in your career, you may want to take some time off from work. Regardless of your personal and specific reason, you can do this by submitting a leave request email to your employer. Knowing how to properly formulate your request is a useful skill that can help you throughout your career. In this article, we explain what a leave request is, show you how to write a leave request email, and provide some examples of effective leave request emails that you can use as inspiration when drafting your own. can.

How to Write a Leave Request Email with example

What is a leave request?

A leave request is a message in which you ask your employer or supervisor for work time off. Usually, in the message, you state the reason behind your request and specify the dates you want to take it. Your employer may also require you to provide additional information with the request, so it is important that you familiarize yourself with company policy before asking for a leave of absence.

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How to Write a Leave Request Email

The standard rules for writing a formal letter generally apply to leave request emails. Here are some basic steps to take to ask your manager for some time off work:

Choose a Formal Greeting

Begin your email by choosing an appropriate greeting. Even if you know your manager well, it’s important to keep official letters and emails formal, as they can save or even print employee requests for internal company purposes. When you are unsure of your recipient’s preferred pronoun or if you want to keep your letter neutral, the best salutation for this type of internal communication is dear, after which you can mention the recipient’s first name.

Explain why you are writing

Use the first sentence of your email to summarize why you are contacting. This way, your recipient can recognize the message quickly and react to it in a timely manner. You can also consider using the subject line of your email to inform them of your intention.

State the dates of your absence

After notifying your manager of your request, it is important that you state the dates of your absence. You can put the dates in bold to help the recipient find them in the email. Whenever possible, be sure to choose dates that don’t overlap with important company events, meetings, or project deadlines.

Provide a reason if necessary

There are many reasons why you might want to take some time off from work, such as family holidays or public functions. Providing a reason helps your employer identify the reason for your absence and validate your request. It also helps you to establish yourself as a reliable and dependable employee. Providing a clear reason and being honest about it is important, but sharing too many details is usually unnecessary.

Share Additional Details

Sometimes, you may want to share additional details when submitting a leave request to your manager. For example, you may decide to do so if you have already made arrangements with your colleagues and know that someone may cover for you during your absence. It is also important to reassure the recipient that taking leave during a certain period of time will not negatively affect the quality of your work.

Thank your supervisor for his idea

Closing your email by thanking your manager for his consideration is a sign of respect. By including this in your request, you can increase your chances of getting approval from them. If you are unsure of your supervisor’s decision, you can use this section to reassure them that you can continue with your work even after a few days off.

Include Formal Sign-Off and Signatures

End your email with an appropriate sign-off and your signature. If you have a working relationship with your recipient, you might consider the popular phrase ‘best relationship’. Some options you can use are sincerely, respectfully, or thank you in advance.

leave a request email template

Developing a universal formal email template can help you save valuable time when writing messages and requests to your coworkers and managers. Here’s a simple leave request template to use as inspiration when developing your email:

Subject: Leave request

Dear [Recipient’s name],

I’m writing to ask for annual leave in advance of my entitlements. I’d like to take my leave between the following dates: [dates that you want off].

I’ll be away for [number of weeks], which is in accordance with the company’s annual leave policy. I have discussed my absence with my team and [name of co-worker] has agreed to cover for me during this time. If necessary, you can reach me by phone: [phone number] and email: [email address].

Thank you for considering the above dates for my leave.

[your name]

Examples of leave request emails

Reviewing example emails is a great way to see what a good leave request might look like. Here are some examples that can serve as inspiration when writing your email:

Leave request due to health condition

You may consider taking some time off from work for personal reasons, including health issues. Here’s an example leave request message you can use for this:

Subject: *Leave request due to health condition

Dear Mark,

I’m writing to ask for five days off from 15 to 19 November 2021.

In recent weeks, I’ve been experiencing some health problems, which have remained undiagnosed until now. My GP requested that I admit myself to a hospital for a week to perform some checks and additional blood tests.

I made sure to discuss this with Anne, who reassured me that she can cover my work and attend meetings with my clients during this time.

Having in mind my good record of attendance, I hope you’ll approve this request.

Kind regards,

Annual leave request

Subject: *Annual leave 2021

Hi Sophie,

As we discussed in our meeting last week, I’d like to confirm that I’ll be absent from the office for three weeks in December. The exact dates are 13 December to 31 December 2021.

During this time, I’ll be going with my family to Spain, where we usually spend Christmas and New Year’s. I’m really looking forward to it!

Thank you once again for considering this request. If you want to contact me while I’m away, feel free to reach out via phone: 0044 7896 123456, or contact my work email address, which I’ll be checking every two days.

Take care,

Parental leave request

Subject: *Parental leave

Dear Suzanne,

I’d like to inform you that I’ll be going on a 30-week parental leave starting on 15 November 2021, which includes 26 weeks of ordinary parental leave and 4 weeks of additional parental leave. I’d also like to begin receiving statutory parental pay and any parental leave pay that the company provides.

My baby is due on 20 November 2021. I’m attaching a certificate to this email that proves this.

Thank you for your help in finalizing this request. Please confirm receipt of this email, including the start and end of my maternity leave.

Kind regards,

Emergency leave request

Subject: Emergency leave request

*Dear Taha,

I’m writing this email to notify you that I’ve decided to take emergency leave starting today. My wife’s colleague just contacted me saying she collapsed at work and I’m going to the hospital now. I’m yet to know what happened and will notify you as soon as I can.

I plan to go back to work in two days, on 11 November 2021, because that’s when our son gets back home from university and can take care of my wife if she needs assistance.

I’ve informed Chris about this and he’ll be covering for me today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.


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