E Sharam Card Nipun Yojana 2023: 2 Lakh Accidental Insurance for 1 Lakh Youths


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Office (MoHUA) has launched a new scheme to meet the high demand for a skilled workforce. For this, they released Nipun Yojana 2023 targeting the youths.

Under this Yojana, Government is providing training for the construction industry to 1 Lakh people. Also, the government has linked the e-Shram Card to NIPUN Bharat to provide Rs 200000 accidental financial assistance. 

This Scheme will play an effort to develop the skills of 1 lakh youth employees working in the nation’s construction industry. This program is based on the new skills and training to give newborns in demanding industries. 

The government finalized to provide practical and technical training related to plumbing and infrastructure. They aim to generate a skilled workforce after this training. Also, this 1 Lakh employee is provided a certificate training too. Let’s learn about How to Apply, Its overview, requirements and Qualifications, Benefits, and Nipun Yojana 2023.

NIPPON Yojana 2023

The Ministry of Human Resource Development aims to develop the modern skills of 1 lakh employees with this Yojana. The benefits of competency and skills assessment meeting the nation’s framework are the main benefits of this Scheme. 

Here the youth are offered plumbing and infrastructure training with certificates—besides an insurance facility up to Rs 2 Lakh, you to go for it.

NIPPON Yojana 2023 is one of the most significant opportunities to get trained and ensure jobs in the future in the country and abroad. As it’s free of cost, all of the e-shram cardholders will grab this Scheme, limited to 1 lakh youth only.

So, becoming proficient and qualified in the plumbing and construction industry is one of the golden opportunities for the youth. We have discussed more E Shram Card Nipun Scheme 2023 in detail.

NIPPON Yojana 2023 Highlights 

Scheme Name E Shram Card Nipun

Launchedby Central Government
Beneficiary1 Lakh Citizen of Country
PurposeSkillful training related to plumbing and construction
Benefits1 lakh young people, Upto Rs 2 Lakh Accidental Insurance for 3 years
Application ProcessOnline

Objectives of NIPUN Yojana 2023

Conducted by the Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, this e Shram Card Nipun Yojana dreams of providing project training to 1 lakh citizens of the country. The workers and youth associated with the construction and other infrastructure will get this opportunity to enhance their skills for free.

To change the future, the Ministry launched this Scheme. The Ministry believes this project and training will help to enhance their skills and build their bright future.

This e Shram NIPUN Yojana 2023 gives a new rise to the opportunities. Certification of competency-based training is also an objective of the NIPUN Scheme.

To train 1 Lakh people who have already worked in the construction industry within a country.

Buildability and density of the 1 Lakh people.

To provide training and certification based on their skills and ability.

Preserve them financially with Rs 2 Lakh Insurance/ Accidental Policy

E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2023 Benefits

This NIPUN Yojana is going to be beneficial for all the selected candidates. All the 1 Lakh people will benefit from the different things. Here are the benefits the Nipun Yojana 2023 members are going to receive.

  • Training and Development
  • Competency and skills assessments based on the skill and qualification standards of India
  • Three years of Insurance Policy of Rs 2 Lakh for each Nipun family.
  • The cashless transaction with a digital wallet and payment gateway. Benefits of digital skills.
  • A career building and unwanted opportunities for 1 Lakh after training
  • Certification of experience and training for 1 Lakh Nipun Family members
  • Excellent work efficiency, time-saving, effective learning with result oriented.
  • Features of EPF (Provident Fund) and BOCW for each 
  • Personal development and industry information

Who can Apply for NIPUN Yojana 2023

Meeting eligibility is mandatory for all of the candidates. Besides this, you need to clarify who can apply for this training.

  • Interested candidates have RPL and Upskilling between the age group of 18-45 years.
  • Who searching for fresh skilling? 
  • The candidate has an Aadhar card linked with a bank account.

Eligibility of NIPUN Yojana 2023 Candidate

To get eligible for this NIPUN Yojana 2023, the Ministry of Department had maintained specific criteria. All the candidates must meet these requirements to be eligible for this training.

  • An applicant must be at least 18 years old and not exceeding the age of 45 until the deadline.
  • Candidate must like their Adhar Card with Bank Account
  • Candidates who own the RPL Certification must attach it with the application.
  • Should have prior experience in the job roles for which RPL Certification is desired.

NIPPON Yojana 2023 Documents to Submit

After meeting the eligibility, one should have the documents. The candidate must have these documents attached to the application. Otherwise, the applicant can’t get further selected for this training.

  • Adhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Mobile Number
  • Bank Account
  • Ration Card
  • Income Certificate

How to Apply for NIPUN Yojana 2023 Online

To Apply an application form for E Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2023, the applicant must follow these steps carefully. Here’s how you can proceed.

  1. Visit the official site of the Skill India Portal. Wait, and give me time to load the entire page.
  2. You need to tap/click on Register as a candidate from the home page. Here it will open the form on the site.
  3. Now fill out your general and personal information as per the Adhar card.
  4. After entering your address and location details there. 
  5. Now after filling out all the information, submit it. Just tap on the Submit.
  6. Finally done.

This is how you can easily apply for Shram Card Nipun Yojana 2023 online

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