Application for sick leave: Best way and Format

Application For Sick Leave – Every person gets sick due to one reason or the other, whether it is a school student, employee, or college student. In such a situation (Application for sick leave) how to write a leave application for illness is given below.

Application for sick leave

Application for sick leave

The Principal,
Government High School,
New Delhi.
Subject: Application for sick leave
My humble request is that I am having a very high fever since yesterday afternoon and the doctor has advised me to take rest for two days. So I am unable to come to school for two days.
Please kindly grant me leave from 2nd March to 3rd March. It will be so kind of you.
Thank you!
Your Obedient Disciple
Role No.:

Application for leave due to fever and flu

Mr. Mrs. {Recipient Name}.
I am suffering from a fever and flu since last night due to which I am unable to come to the office. As per my family doctor’s advice, I need 3 days’ rest.
I will keep sending emails on time for essential office work. And my support staff will work in my place. He will keep informing my clients about the work from time to time. 
Please give me leave for 3 days. If you require additional information, please email and call me.
Thank you!                  
Employee No:

Application for leave due to fever and flu

Head Teacher,
Government School,
With best regards,
I want to say that I am a student of class 12th at your school. I have fever for 3 days so I am unable to come to school.
Our family doctor has advised me to take rest for 3 days. Therefore you are requested to grant me leave for 3 days.
Thank you,
your’s sincere,
Roll No:

Application for leave due to ‘Typhoid’

The Headmaster,
Rinku International School,
I humbly request that I be a student of class 8th B of your school. For the past week, my health has been deteriorating. Our family doctor has told us ‘Typhoid’. I am unable to come to school for about 3 weeks due to typhoid. Due to this, I am unable to come to school from 1st April to 21st April.
Therefore you are requested to grant me medical leave for 3 weeks, you will be very pleased.
Thank you!
your obedient disciple
Roll No:

FAQs. Application For Sick Leave

Q1. What should be written in the application letter?

Answer – In the application letter, you must write the name of the disease, the period of leave, and the medical certificate if required.

Q2. For what reason is the application letter written?

Answer – An application letter can be written for any reason. Be it illness, fever, marriage, etc.

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